Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why we *heart* Pacific City

It had been a few years since we'd been to Pacific City...and so we'd forgotten just how much we enjoy vacationing there. Once there, it didn't take long for our memory to be jarred and our minds to register once again that Pacific City is a gem among the many coastal towns of Oregon. Why is it so great? It's a memory-making place for us. There are so many things to do yet no rush to get to them. We didn't waste any time, though, because within a half hour of being there, some of us were already in the surf!

Within an hour of our time at Pacific City, we all climbed the big dune, including Gran.

We went clamming the next day when it was low tide and the skies were gray.

 We returned to the beach when the sky cleared up...and some of us had another dip in the frigid water (it was actually close to 60 degrees...not bad for the Pacific in Oregon).

While drying out, we made up a very fun chase-my-line-in-the-sand game where one of us has 30 seconds to make as long as a line in the sand as possible by dragging a heel or a stick. When the 30 seconds are up, the rest of us start chasing the 'liner' along his line. The liner continues to drag and run to extend the inevitable of being caught up by the rest of us. We wore ourselves out chasing each other, each of us taking turns at being the 'liner. Next time we play, we might add a little game of line tag at the end!

We heard the warning of the horns and watched the fishing boats come onto shore at full speed.

We got cooled down before hitting the tide pools at the foot of the dune.

We transformed our clam catch into clam chowder.

We rented wet suits so we could boogie board.

All this fun time at the beach as a family couldn't have happened but for the kindness and generosity of  the Hicks, who let us stay in their beach house for three nights. We've made some very beautiful memories in PC this trip and this post is a proof of it. Thank you to the Hicks family!!!!  And last but not least, thank you, God, for wonderful weather!