Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Port Townsend


  • Spring Break 2009: Los Angeles, CA (visiting Aunt Dee and Disneyland)

  • Spring Break 2010: Lynden, WA (visiting Hansons, Quines and Meiers, and Trinity)

  • Spring Break 2011: Port Townsend, WA (relaxing w/ Papa & Gran)

Here are some fun memories we made this year:

Hung out on the Dungeness Spit,the longest natural sand spit in the United States.

Visited Victoria, B.C. on a gorgeous day.

Hung out in the condo.

Marveled at Lou's abilities on the magic tablet.

Swam in the bathtub (did not let the 'no kids' rule

deter us from getting our 'hot tub' fix). Found lots of agates on the beach and made use of our front pockets.
Enjoyed a first ferry ride to Victoria, B.C. Taught Gran some new games. Did what we could to help each other out. Satisfied our sweet tooth (thanks to Papa).
Walked and talked (I LOVE this picture!!).

Wiped someone's nose over and over again.

Managed to get a so-so picture of

just me and Andrew... (I'll take it!!)

Threw pieces of wood in the waves and watched what happens to them.
Overall, this was a really fun trip!

Wondering where next Spring Break will take us?

If the trend continues (notice how the distance we travel keeps getting shorter and shorter year by year), we might end up doing like the Chupps did this year and just rent a room at a hotel down the road.

Down the road. Hhmmmm....

That still makes it a road trip, right? Haha. Just kidding, Andrew.


  1. That does look like fun. I love that picture too (of Isaiah shouldering Brielle)!

    Yay! You got the playlist working :) I love that one of the first ones is Chihuahua... haha!!

  2. Ya! Thanks for the tip. It was pretty easy to set it up after all!!

    Thanks for game night last night. It was a lot of fun too.

  3. Love the one of the kiddos walking together :)
    Looks like a really fun trip! Glad you're back...
    Maybe next year we can all just rent rooms at the Embassy and swim all week.
    The boys ate lots of "free bacon" this morning :)