Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our New Game Cabinet

A few weeks ago, Andrew gave me an idea.

He opened our pantry door, and as he did, he shared outloud what he probably thought could only be wishful thinking. He told me that it would be so cool if the pantry was actually our game cabinet. I knew he'd been wishing for such a cabinet near our dinner table for a while...but like me, wasn't willing to crowd our kitchen nook with yet another piece of furniture. So, one recent Monday, when I clearly had better things to do, I decided to reorganize my kitchen and see if I couldn't somehow make his insane idea come true. With a few minor changes, I was able to fit most everything (tight but manageable) in my kitchen cabinets.

I also changed the living room around so we could keep our card table out more permanently...and so that we essentially can have a gaming area whenever we want (or a computer lab).

So now that we've got the games so accessible and a great spot to play them, it's time to have us some company for game night! Spring Break, maybe?


  1. I love this.
    This is "for the family" sacrifice....I know you needed that for pantry space too.

  2. Yep. But it's all good. I was actually amazed by the 'wasted' space I found in the corners of my cabinets.

  3. We're up for games anytime! Especially that one about the Queen. That one sounds fun to learn :)

  4. Let's definitely plan for a game night towards the end of next week! I think we should be back from Port Townsend by Wed.

    Chuppies? You guys want to play games too??