Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pokemon Surprise

For whatever reason, Isaiah has found a new interest: Pokemon cards. Again I'm not sure why....but he's recently been reading up on Pokemon and basically studying that whole phenomenon (if I can call it that). Instead of the classics I'd love for him to get from the library, he's been meeting me at the check out with a bunch of Pokemon books under his arm. I've tried to hide my disappointment, thinking this phase will soon pass.



He's only gotten more interested over the last several weeks...

Thanks to his buddy Weston, he's moved on from wanting to read about Pokemon to wanting to play the game..or at least own some cards to eventually be able to play the game. Weston told him how his parents got him a bunch of cards off of Craigslist and how they are slowly giving them to him as payment for chores he's been doing around the house. Andrew got wind of that and liked the idea (at least the part about paying for chores with cards. ;) He found a good deal on 40+ Pokemon cards off of Ebay. He and Isaiah watched closely the last few seconds of the auction to ensure they'd get the winning bid. They did. Of course.

Excited and feeling rather impatient, Isaiah decided to put some of his own money down so that he could get a portion of the 40+ cards without having to work for them. Andrew let him...but not without turning the handing over of cards into a game...what I lovingly call...

The Pokemon Surprise!

Anticipating Isaiah's every move over the last few weeks, Andrew has found great pleasure in planting Pokemon cards here and there for Isaiah to discover. So far, Isaiah has found a card in a Ziploc bag in the yogurt container (because he always has yogurt and granola after AWANA), under his alarm clock the night of Daylight Savings, in his church notebook, under the remote control, in his Bible...etc. Andrew's good at keeping Isaiah guessing where his next plant will be. It's been fun to watch Isaiah's reaction. I've also been impressed with some of Andrew's ideas. Clever man.

As had been agreed earlier, Isaiah has also been receiving cards as payment for doing extra chores. He's cleaned the bathrooms, watered the plants, and cleaned the garage for cards. He vacuumed the garage floor for the first time today and LOVED it! He thought it was such a great deal to get a card for doing something he actually likes! He went as far as suggesting he'd be willing to vacuum later on without getting payment of any sort. Wow!!

So, I've really come around. I've actually been able to see the positives of this "phase":

  1. Andrew has been able to make this phase more about their relationship than about Pokemon.

  2. Isaiah is more eager than ever to be on top things with his belongings and responsibilities... per chance he might stumble on a card...just maybe...

  3. It's been SSSWEEET to have Isaiah ask me regularly if there's anything he could do to help me around the house.

  4. Every time I see a Pokemon card around here, I use it as a reminder to pray for Japan (Pokemon was created by a Japanese man named Satoshi Tajiri in 1996). Since Isaiah tends to carry them around a lot, I've been getting plenty of reminders!

  5. Isaiah has yet to see a Pokemon episode. He's more interested in reading up on the different Pokemon and their 'stats' than anything else...and maybe eventually play the game (whatever that means). At least, that's the case for now...and I'll take it!

Honestly...who knew I'd be so positive about Pokemon cards?


  1. Like I said today.
    I think you two are brilliant.
    Do you think maybe I could pay our kids in gum?

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