Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Skill

I've been wanting to acquire a new skill lately.

I haven't been able to narrow down what exactly I'm talking about except that I want to be purposeful in setting time aside to learn something within a community of learners. It could be sewing lessons. Pottery-making classes. A computer class. A writing class (been seeing the need for that ever since I started this blog). Anything that sounds invigorating to me, that fits my person and builds on my current abilities. Something perhaps that gives me a creative or physical outlet.

2 things need to be addressed before I go on.

First of all, I'm not purporting that I'm in need of 'me time'. Although I agree with, even embrace God's idea of sabbath, I don't agree with today's notion that we need to look out for ourselves first. And I'm not trying to sound cavalier about it, as though I'm some kind of Energizer Bunny. I just know how selfish I am as a human being and how quickly something that might start off as a well-needed break from my duties as a mother and wife can become the focus of my life, the thing that defines me. The thing I look forward to every week. As though the rest should be merely tolerated. 'Me time' can be a dangerous phrase for me...

Secondly, I've been made aware of the fact that I can be a learner day in and day out... and never have to step into a classroom. God is continually offering us opportunities for learning through the life experiences He brings our way. Even the mundane and the ordinary have a place in the 'classroom' of life, if we're purposeful at looking for the lessons He's trying to teach us. I get that...and I don't want to minimize how much I've learned over the years just by serving... and faithfully continuing to family, my church, my friends. And I want to continue making that a priority and focus in my learn and acquire wisdom through the gifts God gives me daily.

Gordon T Smith says, "When we ask what will enable us to 'fan to flame the gift of God (2 Tim 1:6 NIV), there is no doubt that a critical means by which this happens is through intentional, mindful, continuous learning."

Still, I feel the need to learn a new skill. To engage body, soul, and mind in a new a new setting. I want to feel better equipped to serve my family and others.

The question is, "What skill?"

Clearly, this is...

To be continued...


  1. Anne-Marie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's fun to make "new friends!"
    Yes! I agree! There is definitely something to be said about setting our minds to learning something new. It takes discipline and self-control. A good friend and I have talked about how we wish we were taught a skill when we were young instead of thinking that going to college was the "end goal." Does that make sense? We talked about how important it is to allow our children to explore their gifts and really hone them. I tried everything under the sun when I was younger and still feel a bit aimless when it comes to my "gifting." With all that said, I think it's important to learn a new one as well. I want to learn sewing so that I can pass that onto my girls.
    Anyways, I look forward to hearing your update and what you have decided on!

  2. Thanks for checking in too. As you can tell, I'm a newby...but slowly warming up to it. =)
    I enjoyed reading several of your entries the other day. I feel like I totally get what you are saying...from the comments about One Thousand Gifts to the entry regarding the kiddos' schooling. It's all stuff I've been thinking about lately.
    By the way, sewing is at the top of the list for me right now..and for the same reason you gave. If I can help it, I'd like to chose a skill that I can pass along to my kids. Recently, my sister-in-law gave me our grandma's sewing machine..and then for my birthday, gave me a very cool sewing book that came with trendy patterns for handbags and smaller pieces of clothing. I've checked into a couple of classes. We'll see...