Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fourth of July with Friends

This year was my second 4th of July as an American, for better or for worse. The 'better' part of having become an American is that it no longer feels awkward to be putting on a Fourth-of-July Party for our friends. I no longer feel like an impostor....I've earned my stars and stripes! I'm not sure I would call myself patriotic yet, but I do enjoy how the people in our community go beserk with 4th of July fireworks. That's in fact why we've had a party here over the last few years. Our house happens to sit right smack in the middle of this 'Ring of Fire', with huge (may I add, illegal) fireworks being let off at every point of the compass rose.

This year, we had an eclectic group of friends join us for a night of...



on homemade ice cream
(a new 4th of July tradition was started -
 homemade chocolate, vanilla, and banana ice cream- YUM!)

(We made sure to keep a tradition that was started by our core group of friends a few years back, which is to decorate the kids' scooters/bikes or kids themselves with American banners and flags before they go off on a little parade around the park.)

and letting off fireworks

It was a fun celebration, though we did miss the old crew ('cept for Benintendis, who did make it)!

My Birthday Present to Myself: Time to Write and Post Pictures!!!

It's been WAY too long!! It's a good thing, I 'spect. A good thing to be too busy to chronicle life when I´ve been living it fully.  We have been living a full life, a life full of adventures, challenges, blessings, and at times, heartaches. Yes, there have been some heartaches. The kind that keep you up at night thinking about your loved one. The kind that make you thankful there is one thing you can do: PRAY!!

But, on this birthday week ( will be a week-long event--ha!), I am giving myself time to write. I'm going to make it happen, somehow. I want to look back on the last 3 months and just soak in the love of God. Through pictures I managed to take here and there, I want to offer a little feast for the eyes. Basically, I don't want to let our amazing summer get buried under the leaves of the Fall before I have given it one more chance to shine. Beyond rejoicing over a great summer, I also want to take the time to thank God for a good start on another school year. I feel blessed and want to sing His praises!!

So, I better be done with this intro to a week of recapitulation..and actually start the recapitulating posts!