Saturday, November 5, 2011

Band of Brothers in Action

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew taught a band of brothers about the use of the tongue and the use of a compass.

Oh but first...there was a little throwing of the football.

And then the lesson began in our garage.

After that, the outdoors became the classroom

 The Band of Brothers was divided into four groups, each with a map and compass in hand to go find a treasure Andrew had planted at 4 different destinations about a mile away from our house. One of the groups' picture didn't turn out...but here are the other three.

After the groups left, Andrew and Brielle got on their bikes and headed down the different routes to spy on the trekkers.  

Every group found its treasure and headed back, all arriving within minutes of the other groups. Although they had a good time learning how to use a compass, they were quick to get back to throwing the football.

It was another successful Band of Brothers' session. Awesome work, hubby!

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  1. Love seeing these photos! I was sad to miss it...could you email them to me?
    Really fun today!