Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brielle's Kindergarten Graduation

We know God placed Brielle in our lives for many reasons, one of which is to give us an appreciation for all the little steps she takes in the right direction. We can't help but celebrate and give thanks for God's faithfulness in the life of our Little Miss Sunshine!


When she was asked what she liked best about kindergarten, she said, "Recess!"

Andrew was proud of his custom-made double cheeseburger.

Brielle's Kindergarten Class under the balloon arch Kara and I made.
Brielle is excited about becoming a first grade, except for the part about no longer Mrs. A as a teacher!!


  1. I'm so sad to miss this! Please tell Brielle how proud I am of her!

  2. I will, Melody. Still need to read your latest blog entries...haven't been able to stay behind the computer screen for more than a couple minutes at a time...which is good but bad at the same time. =) Can't wait to read them!!