Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There's a word that evokes a lot of emotions for me these days.
And that word is maman.

Ma maman...so patient, so generous, so constant.
Ma maman...so practical, so devout, so intentional.
Ma maman...so difficult to pertube, so easy to love.

Ma maman...who's always taught us mostly by example.
Ma maman...who's always had a servant's heart.
Ma maman...who's not let a grand-scale visionary for a husband become her undoing.

Ma maman...who's the woman behind the man.
Ma maman...who's raised 10 children and cared for so many grandchildren.
Ma maman...who loves the Lord with heart, soul, and mind.
Ma maman...who's now turned 74.
Ma maman.

Comme je t'aime, maman cherie!
Ta fille au loin,


  1. Love this sweet post...and your mom in all of the photos of the post today...she is too cute! :)

    There's so much about your mom...and her life story that amazes me...

  2. She really is an amazing woman! She's got her blindspots, as we all do, but her strengths more than make up for those. What is so cool to see is that she was given a special grace to live the unparalleled life she has lived so far. She has always relied on the Lord, and that from a really young age as He's had a hold on her heart since forever. It feels like He did the same for me...got a hold of me early on..and it gives me hope for the next generation...for our own children! It makes me think of Paul's references to Timothy's mother and grandmother...what a legacy my mom is leaving behind her!!