Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Jubilee Pictures

My first post about Jubilee was rather serious as I shared my reflections about the trip. But there's a fun side to our trip I wasn't able to showcase very well, so this post is purely dedicated to that purpose.
The fun to be had at Jubilee Youth Ranch!
Made new friends.

 Learned to have fun while cleaning the dog kennels.

Swam at Fishhook Park.

Got to see Jonas' big guns.

Helped weed this garden.

 Found lots of these good lil' helpers.

 Lost a lot of sweat during b-ball.

 Got to ride a go-cart...

 ..thanks to Bradley insisting.

 Got to wear cowboy hats.

 Got to be a toad whisperer...

 ...while sister got to be the kitty's toy (with scratches on the legs to show for it).

 Managed to catch one grasshopper.

Helped out by walking the kenneled dogs.

Rode horses. Yeehaw!! 

Got to eat at the cafeteria (nice break for yours truly).

Found ways to entertain ourselves the morning we showed up too early.

Enjoyed a "friendly" French Toast competition
between two students and one of the cooks.

 Listened to Darren (the cook) trash-talking the whole competition long.

There were other memorable moments I wasn't able to capture with the camera:
  • Andrew helping kids with math in the classroom.
  • Kids watching Sandlot in the guest house.
  • Andrew working on irrrigation stuff with the boys.
  • Several students sharing their heartbreaking stories during chapel.
  • Anne-Marie visiting with the other moms on campus.
  • Andrew brushing shoulders with students and staff as they distribute Red Cross flyers in the 'booming' town of Prescott (population: maybe 50).
This was all-around a great trip!

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