Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Did We Do Over the Fourth?

We woke up singing, "The USA is awesome!" and we draped ourselves with the American flag while mom got things ready for company ('we' as in 'Brielle').

We swam in our pool.

We ate pieces of the American Flag.
 (Thanks for the great recipe, Meg. =)

We decorated our scooters.

We paraded around the baseball diamond at the park near our house.

We posed for the annual picture in front of the flag.

 We enjoyed having Papa and Gran join us this year (and Gran scored big points on a particular type of fireworks she brought).

 We let off fireworks and enjoyed the much bigger ones our neighbors let off every year (our house is smack in the middle of the Summerlake Fireworks Triangle).  

Basically, we enjoyed many of the freedoms we take for granted here in the States. Although we missed our usual crowd this year, we had great fun with friends and family all the same.
Happy 235th Independence Day to America!!!

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