Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hood to Coast 2011

It was another summer of training for the Hood to Coast relay race..and perhaps the last in a while for us...or so Andrew and I say. We'll see, though. I'm thinking the team will manage to reel us back in before next August...because our resolve not to participate next year is bound to weaken over time.

For me, my mental fortitude started breaking down during the months of training that led up to the race. I can't really explain why; I just wasn't 'into it' as much as before. The traffic during the actual race and the mess that it left in its wake is what was the clencher for me..and the main turnoff for Andrew. The fact that the race officials decided to add 250 teams this year--which equals 500 vans navigating the same roads--without consulting traffic engineers was one we had a hard time swallowing.  Andrew was not at all happy to find out that the volunteers--I repeat, the VOLUNTEERS---were feeling overwhelmed and underprepared for the task of directing a crazy amount of traffic. For the first time in 5 years of running HTC, we actually considered quitting after our second leg because we were so upset. Imagine! We didn't, of course.. and are oh-so glad we didn't...because, all that traffic and mess aside, we can genuinely say that we had a great time, thanks to our wonderful van 2 and the whole Slap Me Some Happy team!

Van 2 was a riot with the three amigos--Brett, Matt, and Andrew--bantering over just about anything! It was also great fun to be in the company of my two wonderful friends and favorite no-nonsense nurses, Becks and Michele. These ladies knew how to suck it up better than the men...and I loved being among their ranks (although I regret to say, I did complain about my problematic toes after leg 3)!!



  1. You absolutely weren't complaining :) I'm sorry your toesies got smashed though...

    Loved running with you again this year!!

  2. Thanks Cheryl. I did too, Becks. I forgot to mention the 'friendliest van ever' comment and Matt perking up after eating Michele's breakfast burrito. I'll add those details later!!

  3. LOVE that photo of you and Andrew... :)
    Can't you come up with a way for me to be part of the team so I can do the "hang out" part, but not have to actually RUN :)