Saturday, September 17, 2011

The End of Summer 2011 and the Beginning of School

On the last day of summer, we decided to copy Ramona and her dad in Ramona and Beezus and draw the longest picture in the world--for us. I say 'we', but honestly, it is I who did most of the drawing. That's why it's by no means beautiful artwork...because it looks like kids drew the pictures when in reality I did. Nevertheless, I say, it was a meaningful exercise as we reminisced about our wonderful summer together. I hope we'll do it again next year on the last day of summer. Maybe next year the kids will be more confident as artists and pitch in more? Maybe I'll be a better artist, too? We'll see.

On the first of day of school, I managed to take a few pictures of my first grader and my fourth grader in their new classrooms. Lots of emotions come into play when we're saying 'goodbye' to good times and 'hello' to new beginnings. But we all survived it and now all four of us are happy to be 'in school' these days.



  1. Such a fun idea...I LOVE that you drew your summer :) Great photos of the boys on the first day...can I get a copy???

  2. I don't want a copy... I want you to draw OUR summer! You could be hired as an art teacher just like he was :) Are you going to roll them up and keep them? I thought about doing this too when we saw it! It's a great idea. Love it! And love all the colors too.