Friday, October 7, 2011

Teach Them Diligently

From September of last year to this past August, we had the privilege and honor of being second grade teachers during the Sunday School hour at our church. Privilege? Honor? Okay...I admit it. I didn't think it was when we signed up.  Andrew was the one who felt the conviction after studying the book of Matthew that teaching the children is a biblical mandate ...and so he was definitely taking the lead on this one. Honestly, I got on board rather reluctantly.

What came as a surprise to me is the fact that I ended up really enjoying it. Yes, it was a huge commitment to be on at 10 am every Sunday for an entire year....but it was also a huge blessing to share that responsibility with Andrew and to have Isaiah as one of our pupils. It was such a treat to hear Andrew's take on passages from Luke and Acts and to have Isaiah in the class to listen to his dad speak passionately from the Scriptures and about things pertaining to the Gospel. I myself even sometimes felt more convicted and admonished during the Sunday School hour than during the regular church service (no offense, Pastor Scott ;). 

And now it's all over. It's not that I'm sad we are done...bcause it's quite freeing to be able to linger in the church foyer and visit with friends during the Sunday School hour. Yet, part of me also feels like we are missing out. Or rather, that Isaiah is missing out from hearing his dad speak from Scriptures in an organized setting with a bunch of other kiddos listening in. 

That is why I'm thankful for the Band of Brothers, this class for boys that Jason Chupp, Andrew, and many other dads are putting on every month to teach our boys not only manly skills like hammering and such, but also godly character. I'm thankful for the purposefulness of it and for the fact that it's scheduled.. There are teachable moments at home...along the we sit...that we literally pounce on whenever we can...but to have a group of kids together hearing the same thing and knowing they're in it together...that's a gift! It's what second-grade Sunday School felt like...and it's what I want to see continue.

So thankful for my husband and his friends!!

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  1. Love this...and how you and Andrew invested so much in that bunch of kiddos for SS. I'm so thankful that Jason has Andrew (and the-old-school-crew) to team up with! It is such a HUGE gift in our lives...