Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cor Deo Walkathon 2011

This past Friday, all four of us ran/walked in our kids' school walkathon.  We ran a combined total of 32 miles, weaving around the walkers and the strollers so we'd be able to maintain a good pace. What was most impressive was Isaiah's determination to break his personal best of 10 miles at last year's walkathon. He managed to beat it by a quarter of a mile. What endurance for a little guy who's got very little meat on his bones! And what a gift to be developing such mental fortitude at a pretty young age! I ran 11 miles & my legs felt pretty stiff by the end...and I'm supposed to be a runner. Mmm-hmm.. 

Brielle managed to run/walk 4.25 miles before getting lured away from the 'track' by a huge jumping castle that was set up in the gym. Although my sources tell me it probably took major physical prowess to climb this castle more than a dozen time, Brielle still has got her work cut out for her on the mental fortitude department. She dished us and it took us a while to figure it out.  I think we'll have to sit her down and explain the ins and outs of a walkathon a little better before next year's comes around (I know, I know, she's only six, almost seven...just sayin' ;).

Watching our kids running got me thinking...I can't recall ever participating in a walkathon growing up. I have entered marathons and paid the entry fee for many races as a grown-up, but for the first time in my life, I ran to raise money for a cause. For the first time, I can say I basically got paid to run!  I would say it's about time, right?

No, but seriously, what really got me motivated to run it this year (and force a sick Andrew to run it, too ;) is the fact that
#1We love our school and want to keep it affordable by raising money to offset tuition
#2 My generous family pledged hefty per-mile amounts that made each mile count big time
#3 Getting my exercise in while raising money sounded like something I couldn't pass up

So, we ran it,  and now comes the hard part: the pledge collection. AWKWARD, right? It shouldn't be, but it is. Oh well, it's good for the pride. These things are always good for the pride. Mine could use a pretty good beating down right about now. ;)

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  1. Love that we get to share in events like that with you guys! :)