Tuesday, November 20, 2012

40 snapshots of the 40 year old: part 1

Why it's so fun to be married to this old man...who's turning 40!!
Happy Birthday, Andrew!

He'll eat my food, even if it burns his taste buds and throat on the way down.
He's always willing to help out with meals (and now you know why).
He appreciates God's handiwork.
He appreciates it when the menu uses words like 'large' and other quantifying adjectives.
It's all about the quantity, babe!
He survived a 40+ mile bike and hike and 14+ hours with his 3 siblings this summer. .

He can appreciate an ol' fashion thriftstore.
He's the one who inspired me to start running.
He shaves his head at the end of each schoolyear...no matter what.
He's not afraid to get his hands dirty (literally, of course).
He knows how to have a blast!
He takes dressing-up seriously.

He'll even act up the part...all the way through (here, dressed up as the 99) .

He teaches piano, after a long day of teaching close to 150 students.
He's always up for playing games...way more often than I am.

He's a hunter...of fruit. A.k.a. urban harvestor. 
He's a true Blazer fan --has been for years and stays true to his team (minus the jailblazer years).
He knows when he's done a good deed --like putting together this burger at a Cor Deo event!
He know how to rest from his work.

He knows how to play.

He can multitask...on very little sleep...and appreciate Michele's egg burrito...
after running a hard leg...and hearing Matt Kile complain for hours. :)

He loves to prune the grapevine and make grape juice every year.
He moves in mysterious ways.

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  1. The whole Chupp crew is thankful for you Mr. Wachsmuth...thank you for the YEARS of friendship and happy, happy, HAPPY birthday Old Man!!!