Tuesday, November 20, 2012

40 snapshots of Andrew continued...

He gets us up early on Easter morning...

...to meet our neighbors at a sunrise Easter service.

He gives this girl a lift....all the time.
He'll be the first one to admit he's not  flexible AT ALL...and still will play Twister with the kids.

He'll do a LOT to get a good deal (Black Friday shopping)

He cares about widows because God says He cares and wants us to care, too.
 Here, he's pouring cement with buddies for one.
He helps you stay up,,,
..and picks you up when you fall (or when you plan on running away from him).
He wants to honor and remember.

He still can move pretty fast...for a guy his age.

He takes us on hikes (Brielle looks thrilled!).

He'll even wear matching shirts. Awwww!

He teases mercilessly (and they all love it, of course).

He's got some good moves...

...but he doesn't mind at all not being in the limelight.
Though he does a great job when he is!
He's a loving and thoughtful husband...
...and even indulges me with his GQ serious pose at times because it's too hard to find
 the right smile that will please his wife
(I must say, this one is a not bad at all! I'm the one whose eyes are a bit spacey).

Happy Birthday to the best 40 year old I know!
Love you!

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