Saturday, April 16, 2011

Andrew's Meditations on the Book of Ruth

Ruth and I

We came from a people far from Your blessing,
From idolatrous Moab born of incest.

She left her father her mother her gods her land, to come to a people she did not know.
Your purpose for me was the same.

We met You and You brought us under Your wings,
You placed us among Your maids.

Who am I that You have taken thought of me, that You care for me?
Your kindness and comfort extended to her—foreign as she was.

We were loved by You, and were chosen by You,
Undeserving as we were.

She came to Your feet seeking redemption, You accepted her with joy.
You spread Your covering over me.

We are Your bride,
Brightly bejeweled adorned in white.

I am now of You, You have called me an heir.
Her inheritance was graciously restored.

She and I were not a people, But now we are the people of God.
She and I had not received mercy, But now You have shown mercy to us.

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