Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beautiful Things

One of the things that helped me get back into exercise this spring was buying a new album titled Beautiful Things by Gungor. I stumbled upon it while reading Justin Taylor's blog. Although I may not agree with every single thought put forward in the lyrics, I am absolutely in love with Gungor's music. Since I am merely a music appreciator, I couldn't do this album justice if I tried to describe its musical elements, but you can read Zach Nielsen's live blog about it here. I have honestly been so moved by this album that I want to listen to it not only while I exercise, but while I clean, while I shower, while I play with the kids, while I blog, and especially while I worship during my personal devotions.  I'm aware that I'll probably tire of it soon if I keep this up...but I don't care. It was only $5 for the mp3 version at Amazon (and is if you feel like you need something new to listen to...) and I know Michael Gungor has put out other albums.

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  1. I realize it might be difficult to listen to the videos while my playlist is might want to turn that off first. =)