Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Man

My man took a sick day today.
He hesitated, even if there were plenty of reasons why he shouldn't go to work.
That's because he's that kind of man: reliable, hard-working, and persevering.
It was his first sick day of the school year and he honestly might not have taken it if I hadn't pressured him a bit.
Why did I pressure him?
Because he's sick, that's why.
Because his beater of a pickup broke down last Friday and he has been biking to school and back the last two days in the pouring rain for almost an hour one way...and all that, without being in biking shape (who knows the last time he went biking!!).  
Because he is going to be observed tomorrow for his high school endorsement and he needs to be well and alert for that. My thought is 'Rest up today and be back on tomorrow'.
Because he's already done what he set out to do at the beginning of this week, which was to show his kids that he's not going to let a broken down car keep him from making it to work.
Because he can't let his hardest classes (I really mean rough classes) keep him from wanting to use a sub out of pity for her.
Because the forecast said it would possibly hail today. It can't be safe for him to bike in hail, right?!
Because he's an awesome teacher and taking a sick day won't lessen that somehow.
Because I love him and can't bear to think he's having to endure all that while being under the weather.

But I get him. I know why he's not quick to take a sick day.
And I love him for that.
And that makes me all the more thankful for my hard-working man.

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  1. Awww...this is really sweet AM...hope he's feeling better and did get some rest.
    The Chuppies all love (not in a creepy way) your guy too :)
    When we were driving away from school this morning at drop off, Lydi was YELLING "Mimmer-Wah-min!!!"