Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three's a Charm

Playing point guard.

Popular wisdom contends that good things come in threes. Although I don't usually adhere to such wisdom, I feel like Brielle's basketball experience this morning offered a strong case for it.

Getting back in defense.

Showing off her toughness.
 It was Brielle's third game and she got three rebounds (which earned her three Pokemon cards), attempted three baskets, and got three ouchies (on a knee, an elbow, and chin). For her, all those were very good things. She played well for the little sprite that she is..and never cried when she fell headlong as she sprinted back to play defense. The coach kept her in the whole entire game and she got to bring up the ball several times. Not bad for the little girl who couldn't wait to play basketball so she could wear a jersey, drink from her heart-speckled water bottle, and eat snacks after the game. Her focus has finally shifted to the actual game itself and she's putting up a good fight for the smallest player on the court! We're proud of you, Miss Sunshine!


  1. Oh how cute!!! Way to go Brielle! Way to sacrifice your body :)

  2. So fun! We'd love to come cheer her on one of these Saturdays :)