Friday, May 13, 2011

Basketball Days

We've found a new place for our outdoors basketball hoop...

...although I'm not sure I love the idea of my kids playing ball in the street. We live in a fine neighborhood...but well, it still doesn't feel 'safe' to see our 6.5 year old and almost 9-year-old shooting hoops from the middle of the very same street that used to be a 'no-no' to them. As you can imagine, Andrew and I try to be out there as much as possible and the kids are constantly on 'car alert'. Isaiah and Brielle have even made it great fun to 'beat' the cars to their spot on the sidewalk where they sit on their balls and wait for the road to be 'all clear'. 

One thing's for sure, the McNally's old hoop is getting a lot more use these days.
These definitely have been Basketball Days for the Wachsmuth kids, especially Brielle as she sees her skills improving steadily (and her deck of Pokemon cards growing from making more and more shots).

One minor drawback from this is that my plants have seen better days...

...but I don't care. I'd rather see my kids grow up. Besides, I still get to enjoy the view below as I sit on a rock near the hoop and watch my two seedlings become oak trees before my very own eyes.

So thankful for the approaching summer...and for the joys of parenthood!!


  1. How cute. I liked the pic of them sitting on their basketballs waiting. :) Can't wait till mine are old enough to play basketball; I'm sure it will provide hours of entertainment.

  2. Loved these photos...wanted to call you from Costco today...they have those "kids are playing in the street" guys again (but I didn't bring my phone with me)...

  3. Oh Thanks! I looked for them last week and couldn't find them. I'll definitely look for them tomorrow. I think I'll feel much better once there's one of those bright yellow guys standing at the corner of the street every time they are playing. I have to say though...that so far, we've had most motorists wave at us with approving smiles on their faces. Isaiah says everyone seems to feel friendlier when they spot them playing out there! I think that's kind of cool!!