Friday, May 13, 2011

Gone Fishin' and Tooth Not Gone Missin'

Andrew took Monday off --his one personal day of the school year-- to go fishing with Isaiah and to go to the airport to see his sister Melody off. Isaiah had school but skipped it, knowing he could just double up on the work on Tuesday for a rather long homeschool day. And it was.

But the fishing trip was worth it. He's hooked! And he says he's soooo ready for summer. Aren't we all?!?

The trouts they caught at Hagg Lake on Monday.

Meanwhile, the good little school girl who wouldn't skip school for anything in the whole world lost a tooth while in class. It was actually her second tooth, but the first one that did not end up as part of her dinner. She told us proudly that she pulled it out herself, and after catching her biting on a vice grip in our garage a few days earlier trying to pry the barely loose tooth off, we had no trouble believing her! She wore her tooth around her neck in a special necklace for the rest of the day. She only parted with it when told about the tooth fairy.

Clearly enjoying this 'magical' moment!

Trying to show me the gap left by the tooth she pulled out herself!

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  1. Cute! Sounds like a good day :) We should go fishing more often.