Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We have to tell Isaiah!

This is what Brielle says everytime something funny happens and Isaiah isn't there to witness it.
"We have to tell Isaiah!"

I love that she's already figured out joys and funny moments are much better when shared with others.
And I love that it's her big brother she wants "in" on it. It's almost like she knows there are inside jokes that will proceed from these funny moments and she doesn't want him to be left in the dust.

Yesterday morning, it seems like she was saying it every 5 minutes.

"We have to tell Isaiah!"
 when she swiped her nose with a marker, leaving a crude little mustache on her face.

"We have to tell Isaiah!"
when the principal walked in the same coffee shop where we were sitting and 'working'.

"We have to tell Isaiah!"
when she unintentionally squirted herself in the face with her raspberry steamer.

"We have to tell Isaiah!"
when I, out of habit, said 'thank you' to the debit machine as I walked away with my money.

I was out with the family women folk last night and so wasn't around to hear Brielle's silly banter, but Andrew tells me she was in rare form. She was practicing shooting baskets on the hoop in our street when one of her shots landed in the dirt right by the curb and bounced right back into her arms.

Almost all in one breath she said: "Thank you, dirt." "I just said thank you to the dirt?" Then sang, "Yes, there's such a thing!" from the Breakfast for Burger King commercial, and then said, "We have to tell Mom!" 

All three are very much inside jokes that you wouldn't get...unless you'd shared those funny moments with us or read this blog post. Andrew says he was all up in stitches, finding it so amazing that this little girl who tends to struggle with speech and communication can get humor like that!

And I was glad that she wanted Mom in on it, too.

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